The days of online doing banking by actually going to the bank are virtually nonexistent today. In our world of technology, most banking customers want to be able to save time and do most, if not all, of their banking online through Huntington online banking. There is a capability today of being able to do most of your banking online.

Huntington Online Banking Login

Huntington Online BankingThe first thing a bank customer will have to do have an account of some kind, either checking or savings with Huntington Bank. You can also accomplish this task online, as well. To sign up for an account, log in to the main Huntington Bank website and follow the steps to open a checking or a savings account. After your account has been opened and you are mailed your checks and/or your debit card, you can begin to put money into the new account.
Once you have an account number, you can sign up for Huntington online banking. To sign up you will need to register your account along with some basic information, like your name, address and telephone number. Once you take care of the basic information, you will be asked to select a user name and password. Most of the time you will also be asked to answer some security questions that only you and the system will know the exact answer to. Once that has been accomplished, you will be ready to view and use the Huntington online banking system.

Huntington National Banking

Huntington National Bank has tutorials which are available for viewing if you are not sure how the entire system operates. Once you log in with your user name and password, you will be taken to a screen where you can choose what account you need to access. If you only have one account, for an example, a checking account, the screen will take you to the beginning of that account. Three things will be listed on the main screen of that page; the date, the type of account and the current balance. By clicking on the balance, the system will take you to another screen which brings up all of the recent completed and pending transactions. Sometimes when you make a purchase with your debit card, the amount will show up automatically on your Huntington online banking page, but sometimes can take up to three days to appear.
It is important that you also keep a paper record of your transactions, either in receipts or in a regular checkbook. Some people only keep their transactions in their minds by reviewing their account online several times per day. Whatever you choose is up to you, but keep in mind that unless you also keep a paper trail of all of your transactions, you may accidentally overdraw your account, resulting in added fees.

At the top of the Huntington Bank online screen is a list of tasks that you can choose from. The first tab is a detail tab which is an overview of your account, where you can see all of the information that is listed on your account; transactions that have cleared your account, those that are still pending, a running balance of your account total as each transaction is subtracted, and the name of the vendor or retailer who was paid, either by check or by debit card. When using Huntington online banking, sometimes it is very easy to become sidetracked when you review this statement, because some retailers show up as a set of initials or by some other name altogether. This can sometimes be confusing and for this reason you may not believe that you have paid anything to this company or individual. This is where keeping your receipts come in very handy.

When using Huntington online banking, the third tab at the top is an edit transaction tab. When you click on this tab, you can put in specific dates or names to research any transaction that you do not understand or remember making. Under the search tab, you can put in certain dates and pull up your banking statement for those dates. This is a great tool to pull up a certain transaction you may need to review. If a company does not get your bill payment, you can look it up, print it off and prove to the company that the payment has been made.

On the left hand side of the screen is an area where you can look to see if the bank has sent you any unread messages or notices. You will definitely discover that a notice to your email account on record when your monthly banking statement is ready for review and you may get a message if you have asked the bank a specific question about a transaction. When either a message or a notice is available, the bank will send that message to you so that you do not miss either. In addition, these notices and messages stay on your page unless you choose to delete them. Once you have gotten online a few times and run through all of your options, you will see just how easy it really is to have Huntington online banking.

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